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"feel at home at Sonnenhof"

Parkhotel Sonnenhof in Oberammergau.

As soon as you´ll enter Parkhotel Sonnenhof at Oberammergau you´ll feel very much at home here and you´ll be given a warm welcome.

Our higher mid-price hotel was built in 1977 in an alpine style, it was expanded in 1983 and constantly modernized and refurbished ever since.

In the middle of the wonderful landscape of the Ammertal our house is situated at the edge of the village underneath of Kofel, the mountain closest to Oberammergau.

No matter whether you are looking for an activity holiday , a relaxing vacation, a holiday well arranged for families, a program of cultural events or natural resources, here at Oberammergau you´ll find everything united in one comprehensive offer.

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Parkhotel Sonnenhof GmbH & Co KG
König-Ludwig-Str. 12
82487 Oberammergau

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