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Time to unwind and beauty at Parkhotel Sonnenhof

All treatments are being applied by qualified professionals.

Beauty & relaxation treatments

carried out by our Alev

Relax & Beauty im Parkhotel Sonnenhof

Alpenbeauty Almenrausch

(ca. 80 minutes incl. rest time)
  • Anti-Aging Pampering treatment
    119,00 EUR
    • Gentle facial cleansing with hay flowers - cleansing milk
    • Rock salt oil peeling with light massage
    • “Almenrausch“ Stam cell gel with subsequent “Almenrausch“ face mask
    • Massage the face, neck and décolleté
    • Hand massage with arnica oil

Vino – Facial care

(ca. 60 minutes)
  • (classic facial treatment)
    79,00 EUR
    • Cleansing, peeling and tonic
    • OPC ampoule
    • Pack or mask followed by a small massage of the face, neck and décolleté

Aroma oil

(ca. 50 min. incl. rest time)
  • - partial massage (back and legs)
    74,00 EUR


(ca. 80 min. incl. rest time)
  • Abhyanga full body massage
    125,00 EUR
    • The whole body oil massage is used for regeneration,
      Relaxation and detoxification. Your body will be warm massaged with oil.
      A state of inner peace arises, Lightness and deep relaxation

Extras that can only be booked in addition to your treatment:

Please book when making your appointment!
  • Color eyebrows or eyelashes
    9,00 EUR
  • Pluck eyebrows into shape (ca. 15 minutes)
    16,00 EUR
  • Removing women’s beard with oriental thread technic (ca. 10 – 15 min.)
    17,00 EUR

Medical foot reflexology

carried out by our Dieter

Relax & Beauty im Parkhotel Sonnenhof

Foot refelexology

(app. 30 minutes)
  • Medical foot reflexology
    42,00 EUR

    The reflex zone therapy of hand and foot, which has developed in the course of many years to a proper mapped special massage, is an additional therapy form. The self healing forces of the body are being energized by the impulses of a well directed pressure massage. It strengthens the cycle, normalized glands and organ functions as well as diminishing tensions, stress, mental and nerve blockades. It adjusts the energetic flow of the organism and helps in such a way to eliminate harmful materials, which have collected in the body.

    The reflexologist works without foreign electrical energy, with trained hands in the reflex zones.

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